Green Earth Cup

The Green Earth Cup is both compostable and recyclable, making it really ‘eco’.

We have developed a cup that does not use a PE (plastic) or PLA (bioplastic) coating. After use (if clean) this cup is suitable for recycling with the old paper and is therefore revolutionary in its kind!

This cup is just like all our other cups made of cardboard, but what makes this cup different is that this cardboard has been developed in such a way that this material does not need a coating (against leaks).

That is why this cup is revolutionary. Normal disposable coffee cups are coated with PE plastic and the eco cups with bioplastic (PLA). This paper therefore does not need a coating. It is precisely the coating on paper cups that ensures poor degradability and / or recyclability.


– 100 % Plastic Free CUP (no plastic coating = easily recycable)


– ORDERS FROM 250 Pcs.

Sizes of cups:

100 cc = 100 ml = 4 oz

165 cc = 165 ml = 6.5 oz

180 cc = 180 ml = 7 oz

225 cc = 225 ml  = 8 oz

300 cc = 300 ml = 12 oz

Package quantity: 1000 pieces

Product contains (bio)plastic: no

Microwave safe: yes Oven safe: yes, up to 220°C

Freezer safe: yes Recyclable product: yes

Residual flow: old paper

Biodegradable product (home compostable): yes

Industrial compostable product: yes 100% (bio)plastic free coffee cups!

The cups are free of PE or PLA coating and are completely biodegradable.